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Rev. Father Kennedy Agyepong to launch maiden book “You Are Not A Hired Man” May 26

Of the many things that people of all walks of life would want to be in life, none have had the desire to be a hired man. However, the availability of opportunities coupled with the difficulty to choose from the lot makes it quiet difficult to settle on specific goals. There is relief for all who find themselves in such situations. The maiden book of Rev. Fr. Bright Kennedy Agyepong discusses life and the choices it entails.

The book uses simple language and expressions in exposing readers to the realities about life and the choices contained therein. In an era, when due to globalization many opportunities are exposed to human persons, it becomes a bit more confusing and complicated in pursing choices that influence man in one way or the other. The book, “You are not hired man” brings us to rest! It is a practical reflection of how one can develop the tenacity and discernment needed in making a choice and also pursing this choice to its logical conclusion.

The author notes that choices shape our lives and it is important for us to make sure that the choices we make are in the right direction. The will of humans, will therefore need to be developed and used for our common good and that of humanityHe uses real life situations and practical stories of himself and other people to bring out the message about life choices. These should spur us on and make us soar like the eagle. We cannot give up! Yes, they have gone through trying moments but made the right choices and remained focused without being perturbed. Again, the author makes us aware of the fact that difficulties and challenges are surely going to come our way but we cannot give up. In fact, everyone must have great hope.

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obeng Codjoe who wrote the forward of the book touched on the author’s love for animals, drawsing lessons and meanings. He noted that many of the lessons derived from the observation of animals that are stated in the book are indeed striking and revealing. “Many a time, we do not realize how much we can learn from animals. Fr. Bright wonderfully teases this out for our perusal and edification here,” he said.

Speaking about what inspired the book, the author, Rev. Fr. Bright Kennedy Agyepong indicated that he believes that all mankind need to do to become the best version of himself is to appreciate the fact that God has not disadvantaged anyone. “This world belongs to all of us but those who make the bold decision and take the necessary risks would be acknowledged by humanity. This book is all people need to realize that no one has a reason to complain without accepting the responsibility of fixing the undesirable,” he said.
He added that Rev. Fr. Bright Kennedy Agyepong has done the reading public a service in writing a book about life and the fact that it is indeed made up of choices that shape the way we live it. The book will be launched on 26th May, 2019 at St. Michael Catholic Church, Nkawkaw at 9am.


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