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Yaw Dabo lashes out at pastors

Comic Kumawood actor, Yaw Dabo, has waded into the controversy surrounding Men of God in the country in recent times and has vented his own anger on the issue in a recent interview.

The actor revealed that Men of God had taken many Christians for a ride with their schemes and it was high time all that came to an end.

According to an article sourced from, Yaw Dabo said, Christians had to ‘wake up’ to prevent being tricked by some Men of God because they preached one thing and practiced a totally different thing.

Citing examples of his frustration with Men of God, the diminutive actor said pastors were always consoling their church members upon the loss of their loved ones and encouraged them not to cry.

However, the actor said when the loved one or family member of a Man of God died, they hid in their closets and mourned.

He revealed that going forward, he was going to personally flog any pastor he saw crying at the funeral of his or her dead relative or loved one.

Yaw Dabo said the same way pastors encouraged their congregants not to shed tears at funerals of their loved ones, was the same way they the Men of God should also behave at the funeral of their loved ones.

Yaw Dabo came under the spot light when rumors started going round that he was dating Kumawood colleague, Vivian Okyere. Both entertainers were seen in many lovey-dovey pictures, giving credence to the said rumors.

However, Vivian Okyere revealed in an interview on Kessben TV that, there was no amorous relationship between herself and Yaw Dabo.

She went on to indicate that she was in a relationship with someone who was not in the entertainment industry; a clear indication that her relationship with Dabo was concocted.


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